New Perspectives on Blue and Gold Day

Katie Walker, Staff

Once again, the yearly tradition of Blue and Gold day at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy took place on October 4th, 2019. Half of the SCH student body was painted head to toe in their assigned colors, blue or gold.

For new students, this day may include a variety of emotions, excitement, fear, and joy. But can a student’s opinion of the day be changed based upon when they came to the school?

For Pre-K students, everyone is experiencing the day for the first time. They are the newest and the youngest students to join the field day. Vivian Beatty, Pre-K, said that she loved the day and can’t wait for next year.

“It was really fun because I got to run really fast, and the team was cheering for me.” said Beatty. “I wish that tomorrow could be blue and gold day, too, and then the next day.”

For lower school students, the day may feel very different than a new high school student. For many new high school students, this day seems foreign and extreme. New Freshman, Amanda McNesby, described the day to be full of energy and excitement. The new freshman’s opinion is very popular among new high school students. “We had a field day at my old school, but it was only for elementary school, so I haven’t had it in a really long time.”, said McNesby. “It was really different than anything I had experienced before, but I liked it a lot.”

Though the day may be new to some students, the overall opinion appears to be generally the same for new and old students. Students can come together and be part of a team with people who they may not get the chance to regularly. 

As senior and blue captain, Kellie Graves, put it, “The day is crazy, and from your first day to your last, it’s really amazing.”. “I have loved this day for a long time and I still remember my very first blue and gold day. It was honestly one of my favorite blue and gold days.”