Football Player? Actor? Student? Yes, that’s Luke Percy.


Sante Filippini

The alarm clock on senior Luke Percy’s phone causes it to clank against his bed stand stand at 6:00AM. Without thinking, he sticks his ear buds into his ears, grabs a banana from the kitchen island and jumps into his car. He plays the song “Staring at the Sun” by Post Malone, which is roughly the same length of his car ride to school. When he arrives, he takes off his earbuds and knows it is showtime. He heads to the football team locker room to study film for the upcoming game against Haverford on Saturday. Once he is finished studying film and walks to first period, he takes the script of the play “Chicago” from his back pocket and continues to perfect the fluidity of his lines for his major role in the play coming up in a few weeks. 

  This jammed packed schedule is nothing new for teenager Luke Percy.

  At 18, star football linemen Luke Percy has had a major impact on the devils football team and through his physical play, is a major reason for the teams success. What is both impressive and unique is that he is able to balance out football with acting in the Players program. Both football and players have had major influences on his life, and he found them each in different places and times.

  “I found football first through my father and he encouraged me to do it when I was 10 years old,” said Luke Percy. “After my first practice, I came back and was really exhausted because I was really out of shape. My dad asked me how it was and I said I wasn’t going to quit.  For acting, I first discovered it in eighth grade during our school’s annual christmas play. I was excited I got the lead role and have always had a thing for public speaking and being on a stage. I had a blast doing the play. I eventually earned a small part in a sketch show that St. Joe’s did when I went as a freshman. I then knew that acting was my main passion. Both football and acting were great discoveries for me.”

Although Luke enjoys football, before transferring to SCH, he struggled to find time in his schedule to focus on his main passion in acting as it interfered with football. 

  “While playing football at St. Joes, it was incredibly difficult to compromise with acting because they are one of the best programs in the nation,” said Luke Percy. “As a result they basically have to keep you just doing football and nothing else. I knew that football isn’t necessarily my biggest passion like it was for everybody else and I figured I might want to try and branch out and actually have a highschool experience. My father recognized this and thankfully ended up transferring me to SCH.”

  Now since he has transferred to SCH, he has been given the opportunity to branch out and focus a lot more in acting with the ability to play football as well. This has also given him the opportunity to set out new goals for himself and meet new people from all walks of life. In both football and Players, he has made a positive impact and impression wherever he goes.

   “He definitely has a huge impact,” says senior football player Will Neversoky. “He helps get us ready for the games and pumps us up. His leadership skills are apparent both on and off the field. Off the field he is a great friend to everyone, really friendly. And on the field, his talent and gumption speaks for itself.”

  Luke has made great impressions in Players as well. His constant improvements in his acting skills and his friendly demeanor have been noticed by his peers and the players community is thrilled to have him. 

  “Luke has been great for a lot of the male roles in the play, considering his heroic voice and stature.” Says Players crew member George Peck. “He is very great at learning his lines and putting his own spin on them. He is a very charismatic guy. He really cares for everyone in the community and is always looking out for all of his friends. Overall, he has been a great addition to the Player’s community.  He is always very cooperative and patient with crew when crew struggles with his costumes or props as well. ”

  Both in players and football, he always behaves like a true gentleman and is kind and respectful to his peers. A reason for this is that when he was a freshman at Saint Joe’s, he was nervous about playing football with varsity and didn’t want to mess up any of the drills. But then a senior named Jackson reached out to him and was very helpful. He was patient with Luke and was a good role model. As Luke got older, he swore to himself he would be generous towards underclassmen as the years went by.

“Right when players was starting, there was a freshman who came in for the first time,” Said Luke. “He wasn’t extremely confident and was sort of shy. But all I had to do was talk to him and ask him how he was doing. From those little things, I saw he began to open up more in players. I always want to help underclassmen overcome their nerves and encourage them to talk to upperclassmen if they need anything at all. I make it my goal to make people feel more comfortable. Now going to football, although you physically hit people, I still always want to be respectful. I was never the guy that liked to throw insults at people during games. Even when there are times when I get tossed, I didn’t get mad. Because it is nothing personal. I get right back up tell them ‘good hit man’ and keep on going.”

As Luke graduates this year and heads off to play football at Wesleyan, he has a feeling he will be apart of a great family that he had both in players and the football team.

“The people in the play and the team are a bona fide genuine family who all care for each other and support each other.” Said Luke. “I feel like even on their worst days they go and pick eachother up and I find that really cool. I have a good feeling that my future team Weslyean will have that as well.”