SCH Athletes Manage Life at Home


Courtesy of SCH Communications

Greg Starks, Reporter

The United States has been social distancing for about two months now and it looks like we still have a ways to go until we can all return to our customary lives and routines at SCH. While we are all at home trying to hold onto a somewhat normal life, while also staying safe and healthy, athletes are faced with a much more difficult situation: staying in shape. Staying in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge. With gyms being closed, athletes have had to change their workout routines.

Junior quarterback, AJ Graham, has been taking advantage of some of the resources he has at home.

“I have been restricted to just at-home workouts and runs on a trail near my house,” said Graham. “I have a couple of weights at home that I can use.”

Soccer forward, Helena “Jojo” McShane has been running and doing her own exercises in her backyard.

“I started running a mile and doing interval sprints and now I’m working on getting my best three mile time,” said McShane. “To keep up on foot skills, shooting, and passing, I set up cones in my backyard and I use the wall as a rebounder for repetition.”

Keeping up with a healthy diet is also very important for athletes especially since no one can go out to visit the gym like they would have done prior to COVID-19. Even though she’s been stuck at home, junior sprinter Sabria Epps hasn’t had any problems keeping up with her diet.

“I’m not a big snacker,” said Epps. “If anything, I forget to eat sometimes throughout the day.”

Even though Epps hasn’t had any problems keeping up with her diet, she admits that she has been paying closer attention to what she eats more than usual.

“Even though I am losing a lot of muscle mass, I still would like to maintain a certain weight,” said Epps. “I’m not working out at the same intensity as usual. I’m treating this as off-season training.”

Senior Wide-receiver Ke’Shawn Williams has not been out to practice on the football field as much as he would like to; however, when he has been out he’s made sure that he is taking the proper safety precautions.

“We wear our masks and gloves and make sure we limit contact,” said Williams.

Despite being stuck indoors and without being able to workout at the gym or the soccer field, McShane still believes that she has been much more productive while in quarantine.

“I am way more productive now because I’ve made my own routine,” said McShane. “I allot times for work and free time and I love it. Sometimes I do find myself getting carried away, but that would also happen if we weren’t quarantined.”

Epps has also found yoga and mindfulness activities to be very helpful when it comes to keeping herself relaxed during the quarantine.

“I’ve found more patience and inner peace within myself,” said Epps. “It’s hard to stay grounded and yoga has definitely helped me stay more grounded and calm.”

These have been very trying times so far, but people have found ways to be more creative and make life more interesting at home. Athletes are no different as they have had to modify their workout routines in order to fit the current situation. We look forward to seeing all SCH athletes on the field again.