Bus Exposure Sidelines Football Team


Greg Starks, Reporter

With so much uncertainty surrounding fall sports, the Inter-Ac managed to put together an athletic season for this year. On October 30, SCH had their first football game of the season against Episcopal Academy. The Blue Devils managed to hang on to  23 – 16 victory, but the celebration was short-lived, as the Devils learned on Sunday night that one of the bus drivers tested positive for Covid-19 which forced several members of the team to quarantine based on Philadelphia Department of Health protocols.

“We determined through the coach, which kids were on that bus,” said Athletic Director, David Wilson. “We had a list of [students], which coaches were on that bus and before we knew what driver it was, we had all the student-athletes stay home just in case on Monday morning. When we found out, a couple of hours later which bus it was, we just had those student-athletes quarantined for two weeks.”

Everyone on the bus did all the right safety precautions, as everyone wore their mask and sat one person per seat. The driver made sure that all of the windows were down so that there was a constant flow of fresh air coming in and out of the bus. Athletic Director David Wilson believes that this was just a case of bad luck.

SCH still plans to use buses to take students to and from games. Some players on varsity teams can drive themselves so this will lead to less people being on the bus.

“I think we were just unlucky that this driver got Covid,” said Wilson. “We have a handful of buses that we’re using. For other sports, we said no [to using buses]. We tried to do it with the varsity kids, because they can usually drive themselves there or get there easily. JV we thought would have a harder time. The other thing is figuring out a couple of sports for which there are coaches that don’t feel comfortable going on the bus. So for those kinds of reasons, we only have a handful of buses.”

With this Covid scare, Wilson re-emphasized all the precautions that the team is taking to prevent a huge number of positive tests in SCH athletes to end the fall sports season.

“It looks like the play outdoors is less risk of infection,” explained Wilson. “The risks are in buses, sidelines, dinners, etc. That’s what we’re trying to make sure that the coaches and athletes are aware of and understand is that when they come off the field, they separate, when they catch their breath, they put their mask back on. Going to and from the event, the mask is on.”

Since most of the varsity players weren’t on the bus that was exposed to Covid, SCH was still able to continue their season. SCH had their second game of the season on November 7th against Germantown Academy.