Blue and Gold Day Combines with Blue and Blue Day


Greg Starks, Reporter

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy held their traditional Blue and Gold and Blue and Blue Day competitions together on Friday, April 30. The Blue team took victory for the girls and the Dark Blue team won a tiebreaker for the boys.

Blue and Gold Day is a competition between the girls at SCH. The girls were placed on either the Blue or Gold team as early as pre-kindergarten and kept that affiliation throughout their SCH career. Blue and Blue Day (Dark Blue vs Light Blue) is a competition between the boys at SCH. Like the girls, the boys are assigned their color as early as pre-kindergarten and carry it throughout their time at SCH. Children of alumni also carry on their parents’ colors thus furthering the tradition. 

This year has been full of uncertainty with COVID, which has caused so many social events to be up in the air. Luckily for the students at SCH and, more specifically, the seniors, the SCH administration was able to keep the Blue and Gold/Blue and Blue Day tradition alive. Normally Blue and Gold Day would take place earlier in the year, while Blue and Blue Day would occur during the end of the year;  however, due to COVID, both were held on the same day. Blue and Gold Day took place in the morning while Blue and Blue Day took place in the afternoon.

For Senior and Blue captain, Mikayla Brown, not knowing if Blue and Gold Day would have continued this year was really hard to deal with. Mikayla has been at SCH for 13 years and has gone to Blue and Gold Day every year.

 “I have been waiting for my senior year Blue and Gold Day,” said Brown. “When I was young, we would always see the captains and seniors decorate the halls and do the cheers. So I’ve always been waiting on being in that position and sparking that excitement in the little girls.”

This year’s Blue and Gold and Blue and Blue Day was very different from past years. Usually, everyone in the school is on the field together but, because of COVID, each grade was allowed on the field at separate times. The seniors were the only grade that was able to watch each event in person. All other grades, as well as SCH families and alumni, were able to watch the competition via livestream.

Senior and Light Blue captain Fitz McLaughlin, like Mikayla, has been to every Blue and Blue Day during his 15 years at SCH. When trying to compare all of his Blue and Blue Day experiences with this year,  he believes that it wouldn’t be fair.

“I think comparing them would be unfair,” said McLaughlin. “I mean, yes, regular Blue and Blue Day is better than this year’s, but that’s only because of the people who are allowed there. Blue and Blue Day to me is always the best when you see the little kids screaming and going crazy for the littlest things.”

For Brown, this year’s Blue and Gold Day felt different for the obvious reasons due to COVID; but, not being able to interact with the little kids was also a factor. Getting the victory this year, which snapped Gold’s winning streak, helped shine a light on Mikayla’s day.

“This year was definitely a lot different because of COVID,” said Brown. “We usually have everyone out on the field cheering together but it was just the seniors this year. While it was fun to have just seniors, I feel like it is always a better Blue and Gold Day when we are all together to make more memories with everyone. But it wasn’t a bad Blue and Gold Day because Blue won!”

During Blue and Blue Day, it started to rain. It was drizzling a little bit in the beginning and it gradually picked up as the day went on. At one point, everyone had to take cover under the bleachers and some people sat in their cars. For a while, it looked like Blue and Blue Day was going to be canceled since the track was wet, but the rain cleared up and the competition continued which underscored the resiliency of the 2021 senior class. McLaughlin never had any doubt that the show would go on.

“Honestly, that thought never crossed my mind,” said McLaughlin. “One of my friends actually asked me if I thought it was going to be canceled and I said ‘no. once Blue and Blue Day starts it doesn’t get canceled.’”

In the end, Light Blue lost the competition on a tiebreaker. The loss didn’t ruin the day for McLaughlin by any means.

“Honestly it’s not about winning for me,” said Fitz. “It’s more about the moments I have while there. Cheering on the little kids, hyping up the underclassmen before their relays, and things like that. I feel Blue and Blue Day is about bringing the community together and to have something to connect with.”

Both Brown and McLaughlin participated in their final Blue and Gold/Blue and Blue Day at SCH. After being at SCH for almost their whole lives, they are left with sentimental feelings as they move towards the next chapter of their lives.

“It’s really upsetting because I look forward to this day every year,” said Brown. “My friends and I prepare for it and make jokes about it all year round. Also, it’s the one time a year the school comes all together and I really look forward to seeing all the girls in the other division and all their smiling faces. I’m upset that it’s over but happy that it ended on a good note.”

Similarly, McLaughlin was in disbelief.

“Still can’t believe that it was my final one,” said McLaughlin. “It’s been a short 15 years. Felt like yesterday I was in pre-k screaming across the walkway at the Dark Blue team.”