Courtesy of SCH Communications

by Meghan McNesby ’20

The Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Girls Varsity Soccer team is excelling in the Inter-Ac this season. The team’s record is 5-0, scoring an average of 5 goals a game. They have started off this season in full force with their intensity and they are continuing to fight for the title of Inter-Ac champions. 

The team this year is led by senior Madison Niebish, who is committed to Army. Their captain Alysa Akins, who is a senior captain, is hoping to continue her soccer career at Muhlenberg University. 

Maria Kosmin, Head Coach of The SCH Girls Varsity Soccer Team is enthusiastic about the team she has built this year. 

“The whole mentality and culture has changed,” said Kosmin. We come to compete, there are no excuses, and everyone pushes each other to get the most out of each other.”

Kosmin has great confidence in her team this year and is very eager to say that they could win the Inter-Ac and become PAISSA champions.

“I was lucky enough my first year to have a good core group of upperclassmen as well as incoming freshman who are seniors this year to witness how much the program has grown.””

— Head Coach Maria Kosmin

 “I 100% believe that I have the team this year to win both the PAISSA championship and the Inter-Ac,” Kosmin said. “This year the offense has really taken charge, scoring on average five goals a game. Our defense and goalies really seem to be organized. If we can stay healthy, positive, keep our friendships, nothing could stop us.”

Kosmin wants this year to be full of team chemistry and culture. She wants all of the girls to feel like a family and a team and for everyone to have a good high-school experience. This includes more team bonding and making sure everyone has fun but also can have their game faces on when it’s time to play. With those traits on the team this year, Kosmin believes the team could achieve their goals which is winning the Inter-Ac and PAISSA. 

The leadership on the team this year is a crucial part to the success of the team. Madison Niebish and Alysa Akins, both senior captains, have brought only contagious positivity and talent on the field. 

“My role as a captain is to lead my team on and off the field and to be a role model to my other teammates” Niebish says. 

Niebish was relieved after being committed to Army her junior year and that gave her the aspiration to bring this team to success. 

Akins, who hopes to play soccer at Muhlenberg, is excited for this year. She hopes to get close with all of the girls on the team and to leave her senior year off with a bang. Niebish and Akins have both been with Maria Kosmin since she first started coaching and they were freshman. They have impacted the program incredibly. Niebish has led the team with the most amount of goals and assists for this season. Akins has stepped up and played center-back on defense which is an extremely important position on the field. Kosmin is extremely grateful to have such great leadership and role models for this year’s season.

 “It’s very exciting to see how much the team has grown since I started coaching here,” Kosmin said. “I was lucky enough my first year to have a good core group of upperclassmen as well as incoming freshman who are seniors this year to witness how much the program has grown.”

The SCH Girls Varsity Soccer Team has never been known as Inter-Ac champions. Akins and Niebish’s goals for this season are to win the Inter-Ac and PAISSA. Not only would it be an amazing way to end their high school soccer career but winning the Inter-Ac would be a historical moment for this school. Maria Kosmin exclaims how winning the Inter-Ac would be all because of the girls’ hardwork and how proud she is of how much the program has grown. 

“It’s not so much how winning the Inter-Ac or PAISSA would make me feel, of course as a coach you always want to win. But also to see how much my seniors have done for the program since they were freshman. The beauty of highschool sports is you win for your friends, teammates, and your school. It would make me feel great and it would reflect on how hard the girls have worked, they really deserve to win,” Kosmin said. 

The bonds and friendships this team has made over the course of four years reflects in the team’s success. 

“Throughout my four years I have seen negativity and it ultimately affected the team and how we played together,” said Akins. “So keeping the energy high and positive, is what will bring the whole team together.” 

Just by looking at the facts, The SCH Girls Varsity soccer team is scoring an average of 5 goals a game, letting very little to no goals scored against, and being 6-0 in the Inter-Ac, which has never been done before. This year is full of high energy and positivity. The coaching, leadership, and talent on this team is what will bring momentum to the team to pull out a huge victory.

“All I want for this season is for everyone to be happy and to have a good successful season this year and years to come,” said Kosmin.