Courtesy of SCH Communications

by Jack Gentile

The entire Upper School of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy moved into the same building for the first time since the two schools merged into one in 2007. 

Over the summer at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (SCH), a brand new school building was built for the lower school: The McCausland Lower School. As part of a larger campus project, the entire Upper School moved into the Inn. Before this happened, the students of the upper school were split between the Cherokee and Willow Grove campuses which are just down the street from one another.  

Head of School Matt Norcini said he had a lot of help with the changes and he and the other head faculty members wanted to make sure they had opinions from students and faculty when adding the finishing touches to create a new sense of connection in the building.  

“Whenever you change from a place of comfort there will be obvious discomforts that arise,” said Norcini. “We had student committees last year to get opinions about what we would turn different areas into and where they would want to have places such as commons, or quiet places just to do work.”

 With change, there is bound to be some problems that arise.  Some students feel that there is much less space, especially in the cafeteria, now than there had been when the campus was split between two buildings.  

I think the overall campus feels a lot different than it did before,” said Student School President Vince Sciarrotta. “For example, I wish we had a better senior commons and the lunch room is always packed.

 Head of Upper School Matt Norcini is fully on board with the changes that were made to the campus mainly that now every Upper School student is on the same campus. He likes how the school day now revolves around one campus.

“I love the new inclusivity of the school having all of the students and teachers in the same building,” Norcini said. “It feels different when everyone is in close proximity. The students seem more together and the faculty are definitely more connected than they were before.”

A major change to the Upper School that has been instituted this year are the tech-free areas, where students are not allowed to use their phones or computers. This change was made so that students could have quiet areas to do work and be able to make connections with one another. These areas can be found in the game room and throughout different areas of the hallways. 

I disagree with some of the tech-free areas,” Senior Will Neverosky said. “Because sometimes I want to do homework if I’m in the game room and I can’t because we’re not allowed to have technology.  I think there should be exceptions”

That being said, many students like the new campus, although it did take some adjusting.  Neverosky, who came to SCH as a freshman, also liked how connected every student was and how everything was now centered around the same building. 

I do like how pretty much everything is on one campus,” said Neverosky. “It is easier to get to classes on time and I enjoy getting to see everyone I’m friends with throughout the day who I might not have been able to get to see during previous years because of having a separated campus.”