The Campus Lantern

Poetry: Letters from Home V
Lenny Lorenz, Writer, Pub

Ⅴ-Philadelphia, PA April 23 Dear Home, I think The world is On fire. It’s funny how Fire makes heat Because the energy moves So fast, but Now nothing is moving And yet it burns hot. The world is sick. An animal market Turned ground zero. Make believe is a grownup Game now. They pretend To go to work every day. They pretend that this is normal. Dear Home, My world is crumbling. Plans...

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Fiction: Return of the Queen
Chuck Norton, Writer, Pub

Many moons ago, an insecure king ruled alone over a grand kingdom. His short stature provoked him to use his military to prove his masculinity. He captured whole towns and extirpated any foreign cultures that didn’t mirror his own, which sparked a resistance movement that spread through the kingdom like wildfire. The momentum of the resistance was strong, but the law enforcers were stronger. Anybody...

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Poetry: balloon.
Lia Jones, Writer, Pub

my heart is like a balloon. the looks, the brushes of fingers, the smiles when you thought i wasn’t looking, all swirling around the growing rubber and latex body, hoping to be enough to rise and rise and rise until i’m high enough to finally hear those quiet words i’ve longed to hear my whole life. the balloon is always inflated much too fast, leaving me dizzyingly under-oxygenated...

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Non-fiction: Hole in One
Will Stutman, Writer, Pub

It was spring break and I was playing golf with my dad and his dad, my pop-pop, at Eastpointe Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The rays of sunshine were illuminating the course as the clouds like cotton candy dotted the sky on the warm Monday afternoon; a perfect day for golf. Due to the weather, there were a lot of people sitting on the clubhouse porch which overlooks hole 16 on the East...

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Art by David Yang ’22