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What is Phillys favorite cheesesteak?

What is Philly’s favorite cheesesteak?

Alec Tulio '24 and Griffy Whitman '25 March 18, 2024

SCH students, like the rest of the city of Philadelphia, love a good Philly Cheesesteak, but there is one constant debate: Which Philly Cheesesteak place is the best? The bigger/more often that the cheesesteak...

Remember to love and appreciate your grandparents

Anderson Swanger, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

The stories of our grandparents stand as timeless treasures, however they often go unnoticed. With the rush of technology and a world jam-packed with distractions, it's tough to find the time or drive...

Can you spot the AI?

Max Tonkon '27, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

I used the quote below in my Antigone paper for English class I wrote two of the analyses; ChatGPT wrote the other. Which one is from the AI? The context: Creon has just stepped into the role of the...

The door to the rifle range off the courtyard.

Yes, we once had a riflery range; no we don’t have one anymore

Roman McNichols '26, Staff Writer/Copy Editor March 18, 2024

In the courtyard, underneath the Development Office, the school holds a secret history. Down a set of concrete stairs and through a red door lies the old rifle range, now dingy and abandoned. The rifle...

Keep the Phaith supports grieving families by partnering with the Phillies

Keep the Phaith supports grieving families by partnering with the Phillies

Stevie Pileggi, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

On August 26th, 2010 the life of six -year-old Kevin Flach was cut short by a tragic accident. While the community and his family tried to make sense of the loss, they had an idea to create a foundation...

Anabella24 cleaning up the garden!

SCH rain garden sees progress

Anabella Castellanos '24, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

The Springside Rain Wall and Garden is slowly on its way to being a fully active community garden! These past few months have been filled with weeding, meetings, and helping hands from various members...

A heater in Sra. Dionne’s room in The Inn produces immense amounts of heat.

Upper school temperatures swing from hot to cold

Have you ever found yourself sweating in class when you were just sitting there? Or walked into the science building and felt like you were in an ice box? Only at SCH can it be a freezing twenty degree...

A delivery person waits outside of the cafeteria for someone to pick up their food.

Does food delivery compromise campus safety?

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy high school students who do not bring their own lunch order delivery from apps like Doordash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats. Drivers looking for the student who ordered the food...

At the end of the quarter, there are still piles of student work that need to be assessed.

Last-minute grades leave students stressed

It’s the week of December 15th, marking two and a half weeks until the end of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s second quarter. By this point in the marking period, most students have a decent idea...

Note. Image generated using Adobe Firefly from the prompt sick teacher in bed grading papers

SCH manages teacher absences with education in mind

Alexa Robles '24 and Stevie Pileggi '24 February 9, 2024

Springside Chestnut Hill teachers have to fill their positions in the classroom when they have to be absent so their students can continue to learn without interruptions. This is possible because SCH...

PSAT scores determine students’ placement in AP Statistics

Bobby Filler '24 February 9, 2024

Over the next few months, SCH teachers will evaluate students and giving their expert opinions on course placement for the following year. Unlike other subjects, AP statistics evaluations include PSAT...

Photo taken while on Outward Bound hiking trip.

High school transition proves easier than expected

Max Tonkon '27 February 9, 2024

The transition from middle school to high school at SCH was a scary thought in the back of my mind throughout the eighth grade. However, now after a complete semester of high school… it's not as bad...

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