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SCH dress code


After many meetings, SCH deans decided to change the dress code at the beginning of the 2022 school year to make it easier for teens to dress.

Following two hectic COVID school years, the dress code needed freshening up. SCH deans met in the summer prior to the 2022 school year to discuss what could be changed about dress code. The deans looked at COVID as an opportunity to change the dress code to make it more lenient so students didn’t find themselves receiving detentions. They also changed the consequence for being out of dress code to an infraction rather than a detention.

As an SCH parent, as well as an SCH dean, Marshall Bell was eager to find a dress code that was comfortable for everybody.

“During Covid we unofficially decided to focus on masks more than what students were wearing,” Mr. Bell stressed. “In 2022, we introduced a new dress code instead of simply saying we were going to re-enforce the old one”

Instead of having to wear collared shirts the school now allows upper school students to wear non-collared SCH shirts and a sweater without a dress code shirt. This is a big improvement considering students were expected to wear a collared shirt at all times, and if they were cold they needed to wear a sweater or SCH long sleeve apparel.

Meanwhile, some students still think a formal dress code is a great thing:

SCH senior Audrey Boyce talked about how she took delight in dressing up every day and tried to look as presentable as she could. Audrey has always taken pride in dressing up even before she came to SCH. She believes that dressing up and looking professional permits students to get more done in school.

“Our parents pay so much money for private school and some people show up looking unprofessional,” said Audrey. “Being stricter, as much as kids hate it and want to be comfortable, it makes you more productive.”

Now in the 2023 school year, students have been doing an amazing job being in dress code and are getting fewer infractions.

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