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Can you spot the AI?

Are students surreptitiously tapping into AI to outshine their peers? Can teachers unravel the truth behind the words— man or machine? And most importantly, can you unravel the mystery?

I used the quote below in my Antigone paper for English class I wrote two of the analyses; ChatGPT wrote the other. Which one is from the AI?

The context: Creon has just stepped into the role of the king of Thebes after former King Eteocles was killed by his twin brother, Polynices in battle. This speech is addressed to whomever is near the palace and establishes Creon’s identity as a leader as well as his goals for the future of Thebes. Creon also discusses his relationship with the people. Speaking of his state he says, “Only while she voyages true on course can we establish friendships, truer than blood itself” (212-213).

A. In this quote, Creon twists the idea of friendship to his advantage. He suggests that loyalty to him is more important than family ties, aiming to control others through their friendships. This shows Creon’s manipulative side, as he uses emotional connections to gain power and obedience, even if it means disrupting genuine relationships. Creon’s words reveal his cunning nature, using the concept of friendship as a tool for his own selfish goals.

B. This quote reveals how Creon uses pathos to influence his people. He uses pathos in the phrase “friendships, truer than blood itself,” because everyone would want to have a very strong bond with the king, a bond so strong that it’s greater than family. So by using their interests, Creon gains control over them. This also ties into his use of relational and legitimate power. He holds ultimate authority in Thebes, as the king. Therefore, if all people have to do is keep Thebes a strong city to be companions with Creon, then they will work to keep Thebes strong.

C. This quote is part of an extended metaphor throughout Creon’s entire speech. In the metaphor, Thebes is compared to a boat in the phrase “while she voyages true on course.” By breaking down the metaphor it is revealed that Creon is saying, that while Thebes is safe and peaceful then Creon will make relationships as long as the people strive for Thebes’s greatness. Like a crew of a boat.



The answer is A— choice A was written by AI!

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