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Note. AI generated image using Photoshop from the prompt black boy with dreads eats McDonalds

Ron Brown ’24 reviews McDonald’s burgers

Ronald Brown '24 February 9, 2024

Senior Ron brown decided to review McDonald's burger offerings. Here is what he found. Hamburger: The Classic McDonald's Burger: 5/10 The classic McDonald’s burger is the concrete base of the bunch....

The Apple Watch SE shines brightly on the wrist

Apple Watch SE: it’s the best bang for your buck

Bobby Filler '24 February 9, 2024

The Apple Watch SE is the best smartwatch on the market for the low price of $200. The Apple Watch SE is the most affordable smartwatch Apple offers. Unlike other smartwatches, the Apple Watch is fully...

Senior Finn Dougherty plays the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga in Fortnite Festival and hits the notes with 99% accuracy on expert level difficulty.

Fortnite makes unprecedented move: takes inspiration from Guitar Hero

Griffy Whitman '25 February 8, 2024

Wait, ‘Fortnite’ has a whole concert mode now? Yes, it’s called Fortnite Festival, and it’s awesome. But how would that work? Isn’t ‘Fortnite’ a battle-royale game? True, the popular...

Zach Bryan’s newest album is his best yet

Nolan Shelinsky '24 February 8, 2024

On August 25th, 2023 Zach Lane Bryan struck the music world by releasing his sixteen-track self-titled album. It is his fourth studio album that has made public view; although controversial, it is undoubtedly...

Note. AI generated image using Photoshop from the prompt man wearing a hat standing in front of the trinity explosion

Oppenheimer’s Labyrinth

Julien Friedland '25 February 8, 2024

In Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan uses close-up shots to display the impact that weapons of mass destruction have on not just the physical world, but on the emotions of people as well. The film begins...

Halal Food Truck

Halal Food Truck in Roxboro, PA doesn’t disappoint

Lucas Reeves, Staff Writer February 7, 2024

Oftentimes you find yourself with little money in your wallet and the need for cheap quality food that will fill you up. If this is the case, Halal Food Truck is the perfect place to go. The Truck is...

Alec Tulio and Finn Dougherty celebrate a goal last season

Devils lacrosse prepares for spring season

Lucas Reeves '24 and Jake Warren '25 February 7, 2024

For many high school athletes, the sports season begins way before the first official team practice. Preseason is important to any team whose players are itching to get their season started. Right now,...

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